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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witin funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 




Reflections 1991 

Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida 


You must open the puzzle box before you can ever 
begin to make sense of the pieces before you. And it's 
only after you open a book that you can read the story it 
has to tell. Within this book, Reflections 1991, is your 
story . . some of the pieces of your life here at Eckerd 
College. Dreams, memories and experiences fit within the 
frames of our lives, never filling them completely, with 
each piece added, the frame changes and expands. As we 
grow up, and move on, we will never completely leave 
Eckerd College behind, and those memories will become 
part of a greater picture developing in your future. 
Reflections contains your pieces, just as the box contains 
the fragments composing a larger puzzle, but you are the 
only one that can finally put them together. 

Spirit Day Rages On! 

As dawn was breaking in the 
wee hours of Friday, March 2, 
1990, many students with no early 
classes were snoozing away and 
counting on being able to sleep in 
for a few hours. 

They were in for a big surprise. 

Promptly at 7:00, a big red fire 
truck cranked up its lights and 
siren as it made its way around 
campus to herald the beginning of 
the Triton Spirit Days. 

This weekend of festivities, 
planned by the Student Relations 
Committee, brought the Eckerd 
community together to pump up 
the basketball team for their big 

Sunday night game against Rollins 
College. For those "non-morning 
people" who couldn't make it to 
the big rally on Friday, which was 
highlighted by a cheer led by 
President and Mrs. Armacost, 
there was plenty else to do, 
including a sailboat regatta, a 
concert and dance in the Pub, and 
a bonfire (held later in the 

But the main reason for 
planning the Triton Spirit Days 
was to let Eckerd student show 
their school spirit — and for one 
weekend in March 1990 "Red 
Rage" ran rampant at Eckerd. 

Earth Day Blooms 

Earth Day 1990 was 
the 20th anniversary of 
Earth Day. Earth Day 
1990 was a global 
celebration of the Earth 
which brought together 
coalitions of citizens, 
businessmen, scientists, 
and public officials 
throughout the world to 
renew their commitment 
to protecting the planet. 

Eckerd College 
students played an 
active role in the Earth 
Day celebration. Many 
new trees were planted 
on campus, litter was 
picked up, and recycling 
projects were begun. 

Many Earth Day 
events were 
sponsored by the 
Givers of Eckerd 
College. These events 
included Dorm Tree 
Planting, Shore Clean- 
up, Campus Nature 
Walks, Environmental 
Games, and a 
Manatee Booth. These 
were just a few of the 
exciting activities that 
took place on campus 
to celebrate 
awareness in the '90s. 

Hiaasen Ballet 

In March 1990, the 
boys of Hiaasen 
resurrected the oldest 
Eckert tradition on 
record, the Bullshit 

After several weeks 
of practice, the night 
of the big 
performance of a 
Cinderella parody 
came on Saturday, 
March 28. Sporting 
tank tops and stuffed 

undies, the guys 
paraded around to 
favorites like "Bipity 
Bopity Boo" and 
Cinderella," while an 
overflow crowd 
laughed, cried, and 
threw beer cans on 
stage to show their 
appreciation for all 
the aspiring ballerinas' 
hard work. 

Festival Of Cultures 

Every year, the 
International Student 
Association (ISA) holds a 
Festival of Cultures to 
highlight Eckerd's cultural 
diversity. Held in Fox Quad, 
1990's festival attracted 
many with exotic foods, an 
international fashion show, 

and a steel drum band. 
Booths, organized by 
Eckerd students, staff, and 
faculty members, were set up 
to represent nations from al 
over the globe, including 
Lithuania, Korea, Latin 
America, Italy, and many 

^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^Ti^^ s 

Toga Toga Toga! 

At first, it seemed that controversy would 
bring an end to ttie Kennedy Toga Party before it 
even began. Vulgar and sexually suggestive 
promotional flyers brewed up some negative 
feelings the week before the Friday night party, 
but in the end festivities went on without a hitch. 
That April night, Eckerdians from all over the 
campus were inspired to don bedsheets and party 
until dawn. 

Graduation 1990 

As about 250 seniors, soon-to-be-civillians, filed into the 
gym, they were taking part in the first graduation held in that 
building. Not everyone was delighted with this fact, as some 
students had expressed their desire to keep the ceremony in 
the academic quad, where it was traditionally held. 

But on that day in May, dressed in the various colors of 
their collegia, these Eckerd alumni left both that controversy 
and their college careers behind as they listened to John 
Hope Franklin speak and waited for their names to finally be 

After that, it was party time. 

When The Freshmen Ruled 

Although most schools in the 
nation don't attempt it, Eckerd is 
a unique college in that the 
administration here thinks it is 
safe to leave the entire campus to 
the incoming Freshman class for 
three weeks every August. 

It's called Autumn Term (it 
would be more appropriately 
called Summer Term, but that's 
already taken), and in 1990 about 
330 newcomers to Eckerd roamed 
the place. 

It was a time of discovery. 
Some discovered the beach, some 
the various extracurricular 
activities available, and all came 
to realize just how much they'd 
miss real home-cooked meals. 

But more than that, Autumn 
Term was a transition from one 
chapter of life to a new one. 
Friendships were made, new ideas 
were shared, and foundations for 
the future were built here in the 
summer of 1990. 

Go For It! 

A.T. '90 


Blakely Auction 

Delta Boxer Shorts 


In the spring of 1990, the Eckerd College Theatre 
Department introduced us to Bob the Raccoon Boy, an ex-con 
named Lloyd, and the host of other characters that made up 
the cast of Lloyd's Prayer. This play told of the exploits of 
the ambitious Lloyd as he tried to make his fortune exploiting 
Bob, who was raised by a family of raccoons. But just as 
Lloyd was on the verge of corrupting Bob, the boy's guardian 
angel, dressed as a cheerleader, appeared and tried to save 
him from Lloyd's influence. The result was a tug of war 
between the cheerleader and Lloyd, with Bob as the rope. 

Although the spring production of Lloyd's prayer only 
appeared at Eckerd, later in the fall the group took it on the 
road to points all over the state. And to finish it off, they 
returned in mid-October to give Lloyd's prayer one last run. 


Kon Tiki 







Carefully preserved dreams and memories compose the 
fragments of our lives. Among ail of the pieces collected 
since childhood, there are some which we have forgotten 
with the passing of time. And other precious pieces left to 

Reflections 1991 offers a foundation for the years ahead. 
These pages capture some of the pieces we've found here 
at Eckerd College, lives which have intermeshed as 
students, and as friends. And one day, as you reflect back 
on the days long passed, which once appeared endless, 
you'll be able to picture it all once again. 



Ricardo Acevedo 

Kathleen Aiosa 

Elsa M. Alvear 

Evie Anderson 

Evelyne Arnnougom 


^ % 

Philip Baldwin 

: - *- 

Brian Balsanek 

Kate Battoe 

Rebecca Bearden 


Jonathan Beasley 

Amanda M. Bennett 

Mary Ann Betonte 

\ J I 

Patti Boland 

Eve Boutsis 

Scott Bransford 

Catherine Bray 

Rachel Bray 

Rebecca Bridges 



Charlie Burwell 

L rwrji 

Kerry Connard 

Laura Davidson 

Patrick Diggs 

Christa A. Butler 

Michael Corbosiero 

Chadwick A. Davis 

Amy Dillenbeck 

Kristina Byrd 


Christopher G. Cox 

Kevin Cullimore 

William DeSantis 

Sydney Decker 

Michael Doherty 

David DuFresne 

Paul Coiante 

Amy E. D'Oliviera 

Heather Dewar 

Kimberly R. Eidt 


Glenn Ellis 

Eileen Foley 


Sharon Erienbusch 

Darcie Feshler 

Elizabeth Fileger 

Blake R. Fischer 

Lisa Marie Franklin 

Mitchell Franseth 

Thomas Wendell French Lorre Fritchy 

Christina Gessler 

Tami Ginnaty 

Jennifer Giovingo 



Samantha Girton 

Christopher Giuffre' 

Tatia Grant-Levy 

Michael Griffiths 

Janet Gustafson 

Kelli R. Hammer 

Rich Hanson 

Richard Harden 

Kristen Grosser 

Bill Hardy 

Melody Heal 

Laura Helmuth 

Lisa Higgins 

Helene Ho-HioHen 


Christina Hockman 

Daniel A. Jeffre 

Bill LaFemina 

Nicholas Hosig 

Mike Hudanick 

Doug Hudson 

Andrew Jennings 

Sumner King 

Greg Kreger 

Jennifer Lammers 

Dennis Lane 

Ronice Lauck 

Clifford Hulsart 

Michelle Lemons 


i^-' I 

Michelle LipinskI 



Michele Loparco 

Brian J. MacDonald 

Michelle Malburg 

Robert Marcario 

Christina Mein 

David Merrill 

Nicole D. Mignone 

Thomas W. Miller 

Jenni Monrose 


Loren Moody 

Coleen O'Mara 


Kelly Moore 

Carrie Oliver 

Esther Owusu 

Melanie Paula 

Katherine Peiek 

Stefanie Pence 

Dallie Moriarty 

\ V ,- Kvdml»K> 

Eric Paulson 

Gabriela M. Perez 

Kelly Naumann 

Cecilia Negri 

Dave Onorato 

Brad Orlosky 

Melissa Pearman 

Peter Pearman 

Annette Perry 

ShaLonda Perry 


\- - ^ 


fw y 


.U> '^ . 

\ .- 


Wayne A. Perry 

Tammy Pierce 

Stephan Poethke 

Laurel Porter 

Ginamarie Pugliese 

Michael Purcell 

David Rasnake 

Joanne Ratchford 

Cfiristopher Reich 

Angela Reinhardt 

Abdiel Richardson 

Kara RIchter 

Becky Rios 



m'/jn . 

Paola Ried 

Keith Rivinius 

Janet Robards 

George Rodney Jr. 

Tracy Roess 




Kristen Salomon 

Louis Sartori 

Tom Sorrill 

Nada Soussou 

Roxanne Spencer 

James A. Sprigg Jr. 

Jeff Stanford 

Gene Staquet 

Vic Stephens 

Connie Stevens 

Sara Stewart 

Brian Suarez 


Andrea Turnbull 

Jesse Turtle 

Charlene Tuttle 

Stephanie Urriola 

Jonathan Veit 

Peter Verbeek 

Darice Kim Waggoner 

Sandy Warren 

Dianna E. Waugh 

Eric Webb 

Kacia Wenger 

Steven West 

John Wheeler 

Marya L. Willis 


Mary J. Winters 

Mark Wise 

John Wiser 

James D. Wood Wendy Wragg 

Kristen Young 

Carole Zarrella 

Michele "Mia" Zinsner 


Mill House 


DORM MEMBERS: M. Symon, R. Wilson, D. Samarasinghe, J. Fry, B. Marchese, D. 
Meyers, C. Westmoreland, D. Lewey, E. Maldonado, W. Myette, C. Koelling, S. Dillon, 
A. N'Daiye, P. Horn, M. RubertI, M. Boullhan, G. Buhrmann, M. O'Shea, C. Childers, S. 
Planck, J. Faught, J. Kightlinger, P. Gandt, D. Miles, E. Lehman, C. Qibbs, E. Matos, L. 
Prentice, K. Vaa, D. Gould, J. Davies, R. Ricca, J. Waldock, J. Whalen, J. Frisbie, J. 
Thurber, and J. Walldren 

Becky Rios, R.A. 

Prasch House 

DORM MEMBERS: M. Young, N. Peck, L, Harriman, A. Grastnel, B. Thomas, J. Socha, M. 
Baylis, M. West, D. Springer, S. Perry, A. Beal, H. Spalitto, C. O'Neil, J. Palomaki, K. Ewers, 
A. McCammon, C. Lathrop, C. Kremser, J. Wisniewski, S. Shively, A. McKee, J. Everts, M. 
Wilkins, N. Rollman, W. Wilson, D. Blum, T. Colussy, A. Guven, R. Woodruff, S. Green, F. 
Kimmins, T. Thompson, K. Zaiieckas, and A. McMorrow 

Michelle Lemons, R.A. 

Kelly Moore, R.A. 

Berkeley House 

DORM MEMBERS J. Peterson, H. Billon, L. Leonard, R. Mueller, D. Luperault, S. 
Heimerl, T. Thielen, J. Fredericks, J. Beasley, J. Collison, E. Schroeder, B. MacHarg. T. 
Higdon, D. Heyer, E. Havener, M. Walker, D. Stenberg, L. Bliss, A. Goossens, S. 
Gemberling, E. Reichard, A. Martina, C. Luce, K. Ericson, K. Davis, A. Ornnond, E. 
Clark, N. Jackson. K. McFarlin, G. Ellis, K. Logan, P. Talbott, and A. Duff 

Copley House 

Evelyn Anderson. R.A. 

DORM MEMBERS: J. Bohlander. K. Aeschbacfi, J. Siggins, J. Cooney. C. Lain, J. 
Wirtfi. R. LoBello, S. Cleary, M. Griffitfis, C. Reicfi, G. Rodney, R. Scfiuitfiess. T. 
Jofinson, M. Davies, E. Seiber, W. Peirce, T. Eversole, B. Pomponio, U. Feiten. L. 
Scygiel, B. Smeltzer, K. Holliday, D. Pasquarello, T. Ash. T. Gilbertson, K. Salomon, M 
Burns. P. Rhamey, A. Cyr, J. Deardorft, A. Knapp, K. Engel, and L. Brodie 

James House 

DORM MEMBERS: D. Venditto, Z. Meyers, S. Kurposka, C. Matthews, M. Oscanyan, 
D. German, F. Dickson, L. Howard, G. Ahlers, C. Hoffett, A. Piazza, W. Palm, A. 
James, P. Walker, J. Butts, B. LaGotte, S. Hamilton, A. Hynick, A. Janicek, E. 
Bridgewater, R. Werber, S. Thurmond, D. Spielvogel, M. McCollum, D. Harting, E. 
Parkinson, P. Kelly, W. Puz, S. Brundage, C. Martin, L. Wolf, and J. Zernitsky 

Ibsen House 

\ .^f>a3« 


DORM MEMBERS: C. McNeill, M. Moynihan, J. Jachrimo, S. Tytler, M. Dent, B. 
rSorman, E. Seikel, S. Blair, G. Kreger, K. Shea, A. Mrini, B. Formato, M. Heatley, 
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Dent, S. Moore, L. Gaylord, D. Ellsworth, S. Zenuti, and K. Naumann 

Daphney Gaylord, R.A. 

Leighton House 

Amanda Bennett. R.A, 

DORM MEMBERS: A. Katz, J. Bartholomew, B. Callahan, D. Keller, S. Clarke, J. 
Kowaiski, S. Poethke. L. Quinn, G. Davis, N. Welch, S. Bird, D. Ronnberg, S. Holmes, 
M. Koons, N. Johnson, E. Barton, R. Swaim. S. Arehart, J. Beardsley, G. Cook, K. 
Sauer, N. Ganin-McDonald, M. Meer, S. Zacarias. A. Matusik, M. Muth, N. Hord, J. 
Crowson, K. Meal, V. Tratensek, N. Dewitt, M. McGowan, and M. Helou 

Morris House 


Carlos Abanses, R.A. 

DORM MEMBERS: H. Kyger, J. Dickerson, C. Tooze, L. Warner, J. Bohn, M. Diez, T. 
Simms, K. Hidt, A. Dillenbeck, K. Holifield, W. West, H. Broxson. E. Humer, M. Hall, A. 
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Oberg House 

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Daniel Jeffre, R.A. 

Scott House 

DORM MEMB'ERS: K. Jonell, J. Lialias, K. Jordahl, J. Bell, M. Staman, J. Corte, D. 
Lessenberry, C. Blau, J. Palmateer, E. Mitchell, P. Hoffman, B. Rosenberg, G. 
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Ellen Turco, R.A. 

Newton House 

Eric Webb, R.A. 

DORM MEMBERS: W. Pepping, D. Pepper, R. Young, V. Shepherd, M. Wilkinson, T. 
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Wilson House 

Heather Omerod, R.A. 

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Freeman House 

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Rebecca Hadden, R.A. 

Knox House 

R. Lee, S. Khuhro, J. Scanlon, J. Kraus, R. Gill, E. Pasque, M. Hudanick, I. Schweid, J. 
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Denise Rudy, R.A. 

Beecher House 

• f 

Benjamin Harris, R.A. 

C. Tompkins, A. Mason, H. Kocina, J. Welch, P. Edwards, J. Amundsen, A. 
Cooperman, M. Bogue, A. Hutchison, S. Keating, A. DeWItt, L. Maxin, M. Qujer, J. 
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Blakely House 

Jesse Turtle 

C. Churney, M. Carboni, J. Schneider, Z. Desai, J. Fernandez, D. Keyser, C. Sweet, J. 
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Dalton House 

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P. Shah, R.A 

Douglas House 

H. Duehmig, L. Luckinbill, S. Wienecke, C. Willis, M. Nunn, A. Winefordner, N. Hunter, 
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Benedict House 


Nicole Gallagher, R.A. 

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Dante House 

Gregory Evans, R.A. 

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Darwin House 


C. Von Reitzenstein, R. Mulero, Y. Yokoyama, A. Fontenot, T. Gaines T. Harless, J. 
Newton, L. Romer, S. Powell, M. Kuykendall, K. Flynn, M. Fosque, C. Ellinger, C. 
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Jennifer Monrose, R.A. 

Kennedy House 

M. Karr, M. De Vega, D. Ennis, A. Valli, R. Becker, D. Sanders, C. Patton, B. Shapiro, 
F. Malak, R. Gehman, M. Broderick, T. Alessi, M. O'Brien, C. Kguyen, J. Galley, R. 
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Tadas Balanda, R.A. 

Thomas Chully, R.A. 

Hiaasen House 

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Henderson House 

Christine Kelley, R.A. 

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and M. Bilik 

Hubbard House 

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Fernandez, N. Marchalleck, J. Massuh, T. Martin, M. Ronnholmen, and B. Coste 

Glenn Luckinbill, R.A. Fall Semester 
Greg Crist, R.A. Spring Semester 

Kirby House 

D. Frinier, E. Copparini, K. Barber, J. Titus, D. Ward, R. Braun, L. Jeffery, L. Matey, P. 
Boland, C. Qessler, L. Myers, T. Grubb, B. Shaw, R. Graca C. Beezhold, T. McCaskill, L. 
Jones, E. Testa, J. Pierson, K. Robertson, M. Rimstidt, D. Feshler, M. Ross, K. McCoy, 
R. Spencer, A. Bradley, J. Merle, L. Signorelli, B. Baiter, M. Cashman, K. Rice, B. 
Jensen, K. Bauser, and K. Legstrom 

April Bradley, R.A. 

Nu East 

C. Somoano, T. Boulanger, D. McDaniel, M. Murphy, J. Mecir, J. 
Campbell, C. Mills, P. Brodkorb, E. Severn, J. Giovingo, R. Rowe, K. 
Young, J. Robards, L. Porter, C. Mayo, T. Roess, R. Lenholt, V. 
Stephens, M. Corbosiero, S. Bransford, K. Seeley, J. Wheeler, C. Cox, C. 
Burwell, R. Haslam, T. Sorrill, R. Acevedo, J. Consuegra, C. Giuffre, D. 
DuFresne, J. Vonesh, and D. Sutherlin 

Nu South 

E. Harril, L. Sartori, C. Small, B. Baisanek, D. Freeland, N. James, R. 
Hanson, J. Qermer, M. March, S. Perry, W. McCarthy, T. McDonald, P. 
Coiante, M. Mudrey, W. DeSantis, B. Qaudreau, D. Merrill, J. Baker, E. 
Pascual, D. Hanson, R. Tobias, D. Visaetsilapan, L. Hudon, T. French, J. 
Kress, W. Hardy, R. Marcario, K. Cullimore, D. Rasnake, S. McCandless, 
and M. Rowe 

F4 Nu West 

K. Shatas, M. Thibault, P. Ried, G. Templeton, D. Tuskowski, A. Hickok, 
G. Pugliese, S. Girton, S. Erlenbusch, G. Murry, A. Turnball, T. Ginnaty, 
K. McGregor, E. Cusack, L. Higgins, T. Israel, M. Malburg, J. Philips, S. 
Warren, H. Dewar, C. O'Mara, K. Garrett, A. D'Oliviera, L. Wilson, C. 
Davis, A. Chatham, B. Fischer, M. Doherty, J. Messina, S. Hulst, B. 
MacDonald, and M. demons 

Cassandra Wilson 

Steve Jordan 

Day Student Advisor 

Nu North 

K. Sullivan, M. Loparco, M. Buhelt, M. Lipinski, K. 
Connard, K. Grosser, A. Wood, K. Fenderson, K. 
Weldman, A. Battoe, R. Lauck, E. Boutsis, N. 
Soussou, K. Tarasuk, M. Heal, K. Ascenclos, Y. 
Okazato, A. King, J. Picard, A. Manchon, C. Zarrella, 
W. Wragg, J. Lammers, L. Belmuth, K. Piccin, D. 
Waugh, M. Zinsner, J, Garaway, C. Hoerle, C. Negri, 
R. Payne, Y. Tisdale 


Faculty And Staff 


Arthur L. Peterson, Director 

Dorothy Brown, Asst. to Director 

D. Joan Samuel, Admin. Aide 

Marjorie Shannon, ASPEC Secy. 

Loretha Johnson 

Richard Hailin, Dean of Admissions 

Eric Boelkins, Assoc. Dean of Admissions 

Kathy Dunmire Ralph, Counselor, Assoc. 
Dean of Admissions, and Coord. New 
Student Financial Aid 

Karen Kadel, Secy. /Receptionist 

Betty Lowrey, Admissions Systems Coord. 

J. Timothy Martin, Asst. Dean of 

Michele Pelzer, Counselor 

Scott Rivinius, Asst. Dean of Admissions 

M. Kemp Talbott, Counselor 

Barbara Thrun, Secy, to Dean 

Lore RaymondStraub, Director of Alumni 
and Parent Relations 

Jane Grunska, Program Asst. 

Christine McLean, Art Coordinator 

Sharon Stacy, Coordinator 

Chuck Keener, Director 

Michael Flaherty, CoIIegial Chair and 
Assoc. Prof. Sociology 

Linda O'Bryant, CoIIegial Secy. 

Anthony Brunello, Asst. Prof. Political 
Sal Capobianco, Assoc. Prof. Psychology 
Mark Davis, Asst. Prof. Psychology 
Arthur Deegan, Visiting Prof, of Finance 
Richard Frysinger (Major), Asst. Prof. 

Military Science 
Diana Fuguitt, Assoc. Prof. Economics 
Peter Hammerschmidt, Prof. Economics 
James Harley, Prof. Physical Education 

and Director, Athletics 
J. Patrick Henry, Assoc. Prof. Sociology 
Jeffrey Howard, Assoc. Prof. Psychology 
Linda Hudgins, Assoc. Prof. Economics 
Constance Hylton, Asst. Prof. Accounting 

(Year Leave) 

James MacDougall, Prof. Psychology 
Jamsheed Marker, Prof. Political Science & 

Ambassador-in-Residence (On Leave) 
Hugh McAllister, Asst. Prof, of Finance and 

Mary Meyer, Asst. Prof. Political Science 
Jacqueline Nicholson, Asst. Prof. 

Tom Oberhofer, Prof. Economics 
William Pyle, Harold D. Holder Prof. 

Edward Stevens, Assoc. Prof. Management 

Information Systems 
Robert Tebbs, Prof. Management and 

Organizational Behavior 
William Winston, Prof. Sociology 
Michael Brown, Adjunct, Business Law 
John Chaplick, Adjunct, Accounting 
Paul Hitchens, Adjunct, Business Law 
Donna McCurley, Adjunct, Sociology 
Margo Rock, Adjunct, Accounting 

Name: Richard Hallin 

Title: Dean of Admissions 

Department: Admissions 

How long iiave you been at Eckerd? 
Fifteen years. 

Where did you go to school? 

Ph.D. Columbia University, New York City 

BA (Philosophy) Occident 

MA Oxford University, England 


Movie: Dead Poets Society 

Actor: Dustin Hoffman 

Actress: Meryl Streep 

Food: chicken 

Color: blue 

Book: Lord of the Flies 

Spouse/Children: Two children — Kirsten, who 
graduated from Emory 
University and will enter Ph.D. 
program in Fall; Kimberley, a 
junior at St. Andrews College in 
North Carolina, who has just 
returned from a semester 
abroad in Italy. 

What do you like most about Eckerd? 
The people: its sense of community and 
humanity. 1 also value greatly the diversity within 
this community — having friends from many 
national, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. 

What's your funniest Eckerd experience? 
Watching people "primp" in front of my office 


Alice Monroe, Supervisor 


Jennifer Neckers, Activities Coordinator 


Jolin King, Manager and Music Teacher, 


Bob Hirslilag, Asst. Manager 

Glenda Colston, Buyer 


James Christison, V.P. for Finance 
Kit Cluley, Exec. Secy. 

Ron Warfield, Director 

Jeff Thomas, Coordinator 


Campus Ministry Program Office, Lindsey 


Fitz Conner, Interim Chaplain 

Ian Stake, Asst. Chaplain 


John Sims, Director 
Sharon Sercombe, Admin. Asst. 


Lena Wilfalk, Director & Assoc. Dean of 


Pat Ritz, Admin. Asst. 

Mary Rongey, Career Placement Counselor 


Cathy Ridings 

Cecilia Green 

Karen Lucibello, Supervisor 


Bruce Robertson, V.P. for Church Relations 

Katharyne Rakiski, Secy. 

Gordon E. Jackson, Coordinator, D. Min. 

Program, Columbia/ Pittsburgh Theological 



Len Leeb, Administrator 

Harry Ballard, Director of Facility Services 

Moses Choi, Executive Director 

Leola Campbell Residency Counselor 

Melisa Ciervo, Activities Director 

Loretta English, Controller 

William Gvoich, Director of Rehabilitative 


Margo Harvey, Marketing Director 

Dolly Maust, Residency Counselor 

Dianne Roepcke, Director of Nursing 

Al Russo, Administrative Asst. 



Kenneth Keeton, Collegial Chair and Prof. 

German Language and Literature 

rSeysa Neumann, Collegial Secy. 

Victoria Baker, Asst. Prof. Anthropology 

Joseph Bearson, Assoc. Prof. Marketing 

and International Business 

Dudley DeGroot, Prof. Emeritus 


Thomas DiSalvo, Asst. Prof. Spanish 

Frank Figueroa, Prof. Spanish and Hispanic 

Area Studies 

Douglas Fry, Asst. Prof. Anthropology 

Gilbert Johnston, Prof. Asian Studies and 


Sheila Johnston, Asst. Prof. International 


Margarita Lezcano, Asst. Prof. Spanish 

John Maclnnes, Asst. Prof. French 

Naveen Malhotra, Asst. Prof. Management 

& Finance 

Brinda Mehta, Asst. Prof. French (London, 

Fall 1990) 

Vivian Parsons, Asst. Prof. Russian 

William Parsons, Prof. History and Russian 


Hendrick Serrie, Prof. Anthropology & 

International Business (Fall Leave) 

Pedro Trakas, Prof. Emeritus, Spanish 

Dean Barr, Adjunct, International Finance 

Linda Carroll, Adjunct, Italian 

Lee Evans-DiSalvo, Adjunct, Spanish 

Mildred Figueroa, Adjunct, Spanish 

Helmut Kreitz, Adjunct, German 

Melanie Marks, Tutor, Japanese 

Danuse Mitchell, Adjunct, German 

Neal Storrs, Adjunct, French 

Ross Thomson, Adjunct, Latin 

Laura Yokochi, Adjunct, Japanese 


Sharon Setterlind, Director 

Jim Fritz, Programmer/Analyst of 

Administrative Computing 

Kathleen Jewell, Computer Software Instructor 

Marisa Pfalzgraf, Database Administrator 

Rita Sage, Secy. & Receptionist 

Name: Russell Bailey 

Title: Assistant Professor of Education 

Collegium: Creative Arts 

How long have you been at Eckerd? 
One year. 

Where did you go to school? 
Eckerd (Florida Presbyterian): 1968 — graduated 
University of Kentucky; University of Heidelberg, 
Germany; University of Graz, Austria; Louisiana 
State University. 


Movie: Kiss of the Spider Woman 
Actor: Dustin Hoffman 
Actress: Meryl Streep 
Food: home-made breads 
Color: red 
Book: Faust 

Spouse/Children: Laura Ashby (wife) 

What do you like most about Eckerd? 
small, flexible, innovative, international 

What's your funniest Eckerd experience? 
Flashbacks to my freshman year (1964) of 
Western Heritage in Dendy-McNair. 

Name: Margarita M. Lezcano 

Title: assistant Professor of Spanish 

Collegium: Comparative Cultures 

How long have you been at Eckerd? 
Oneand-a-half years. 


Movie: Amadeus 

Actor: William Hurt 

Actress: Glenn Close 

Food: paella 

Color: red 

Book: Brothers Karamazov 

Spouse/Children: Single 

What do you like most about Eckerd? 
The size, it's nice to get to know the 
students and faculty better than in a bigger 

What's your funniest Eckerd experience? 
When I went to get my car decal they 
thought I was a student. They made my day! 
Unfortunately, that doesn't happen too often. 

Leonard Walkoviak, Director of Computer 


Lawrence Wilke, Microcomputer Coord. 

General Purpose Computing Lab — SE102 


Alan Bunch, Controller 

Gala Badgley, Asst. Controller 

Linda Branam, Student Loan Bookkeeper 

Chris Brennan, Staff Accountant 

Loretha Johnson, Accounts Payable 

Frank Hill, Payroll 

Patricia Jacono, PEL Bookkeeper 

Barbara Kalvoda, Purchasing 

Sandi Lance, Admin. Asst. 

Angle Noronow Student Accts. 

Cathy Ridings, Cashier 

Melody Roland, Telephone Cashier 


Karen Dennis, Copy Center Manager 

Peter Kranz, Director 
Sandra Harris, Counselor 

Molly Ransbury, Collegial Chair and Prof. 

Eleanor Pugh, Collegial Secretary 
D. Russell Bailey, Asst. Prof. Education 
Samuel Banks, Prof. Human Development 
Services, & Dir. of Foundation Relations 
Thomas Bunch, Asst. Prof. Theatre 
Howard Carter, Prof. Comparative 
Literature & Humanities 
Nancy Carter, Assoc. Prof. Humanities 
James Crane, Prof. Visual Arts 
Sarah Dean, Assoc. Prof. Human 
Development Services 
Joan Epstein, Assoc. Prof. Music 
Sandra Harris, Asst. Prof. Human 
Development Services & Counselor 
Peter Kranz, Assoc. Prof. Human 
Development Services & Director of the 
Counseling Center 

Christine McLean, Coordinator, Visual Arts 
Peter Meinke, Prof. Literature 
Richard Rice, Prof. Theatre (London, Spring 

Margaret Rigg, Prof. Visual Arts 
Arthur Skinner, Assoc. Prof. Visual Arts 
Marion Smith, Assoc. Prof. Music 
Claire Stiles, Assoc. Prof. Human 
Development Services 
Kathryn Watson, Prof. Education 
Sterling Watson, Prof. Literature & Creative 
Writing (Fall Leave) 
Andra Weddington, Assoc. Prof. Theatre 

Thomas West, Prof. Psychology & Human 

Development Services 

Gloria Bolivar, Accompanist and Music 

Teacher, Piano 

Nancy Feagans-Smith, Adjunct Dance 

Elizabeth Indianos, Adjunct, Art 

Jan Kimball, Adjunct, Pottery 

John King, Music Teacher, Guitar, and 

Bookstore Manager 

David Pate, Music Teacher, Saxophone 

Warren Powell, Music Teacher, Violin 

Barbara Prescott, Music Teacher, Flute 

Audrey Vallance, Music Teacher, Voice 

William Waters, Prof. Emeritus Music & 

Music Teacher, Organ 

Richard Wilber, Adjunct, Creative Writing 

(Fall, 1990) 


Phil Ponnath, Manager, WFF and Assoc. 
Charles Lyman, Grounds Supervisor 

Richard Hallin, Dean 
Barbara Thrun, Secy. 


Lloyd Chapin, V.P. and Dean 
Lee Brown, Exec. Secy. 

James Deegan, Dean 
Cathy Brown, Admin. Asst. 
Regina Pheil, Testing & Computer 
Applications Specialist 

Roger Sorochty, Dean 
Jerry Oalmann, Exec. Secy, to Dean 


Richard Haskins, V.P. for Development 

Haydn Ambrose, Director of Planned 


Samuel Banks, Director of Foundation 

Relations & Prof. Human Development 


David Cozad, Director of Corporate 


Jane Grunska, Program Asst. to Dir. of 

Alumni & Parent Relations 

Nancy Horn, Secy, to Dir. of Foundation 


Catherine McGarry, Director of Major Gifts 

Patricia Neary-Hayward, Program Asst. to 

Dir. of Major Gifts 

Lore Raymond-Straub, Director of Annual 

Giving & Alumni and Parent Relations 

Betty Simpson, Exec. Secy, to V.P. for 


Name: George Meese 

Title: Director, Writing Excellence Program 

Collegium: Foundations/Letters/Creative Arts 

How long have you been at Eckerd? 
Four years (my senior year!) 

Where did you go to school? 
Wittenburg University 


Movie: The Deerhunter 
Actor: Jack Nicholson 
Actress: Meryl Streep 
Food: Lasagne by Karen 
Color: Red 
Book: Tristram Shandy 

Spouse/Children: Karen (wife), Megan (12), 
Brenton (10). 

What do you like most about Eckerd? 
Students who don't believe they have limits. 

What's your funniest Eckerd experience? 
Much too secret — they know. 

Name: Kit Cluley 

Title: Executive Secretary 

Department: VP Finance 

How long have you been at Eckerd? 
Almost three years. 

Where did you go to school? 
Eckerd — currently enrolled (PEL), G. of 
Arizona (Tucson), and Indiana 
Gniversity/Purdue University at Indiana. 


Movie: My Fair Lady 

Actor: Sean Connery/Paul Newman 

Actress: Katherine Hepburn 

Food: Italian/ Japanese/ American — 

anything but liver! 
Color: Depends on time of year. 
Book: Anything by Robert Ludlum 

Spouse/Children: John (husband), Christine 
(daughter). Ginger (dog). 

What do you like most about Eckerd? 
The caring, family atmosphere among 
faculty, staff, and students is terrific. There 
is something special here that would be 
difficult to find in the business community. 

What's your funniest Eckerd experience? 
Too numerous to recount! 

Lewis House 

Margaret Block, Secy, to Dir. of 

Development Records & Computer Support 


Virginia Cardinale, Secy., Office of 


Carol Hardesty, Director of Development 

Records & Computer Support Services 

Lunita Knox, Record Keeper/ Data Entry 


Marcia Read, Director of Research 

Conference Room 


William Covert, Director 
Renee Petrassi, Asst. Director 

Judy Judd Price, Director 
Meg Moore Duvall, Director of Courses 
Thomas Santee, Student Adviser 
Raandi Morales, Director of Admissions 
Debi Edwards, Secy. 
Anita Kilpatrick, Contact America 


James Christlson, V.P. for Finance 
Kathryn Cluley, Exec. Secy. 


Margaret Morris, Director 

Sally Crockett, Financial Aid Analyst 

Robin Famiglietti, Asst. Director for 

Federal Programs 

Joan Kaplan, Asst. Director for Florida 

Programs and PEL 

Pat Mumaw, Financial Aid Adviser 

Ron Warfield, Director 
Tom Reilly, Catering Manager 
Mohammad Torabi, Manager 
Phyllis Brandel, Admin. Secy. 
Pirjo Lewis, Secy. 
Claudia Hill, Secy. 


Harry Ellis, Collegial Chair, Assoc. Dean 

for General Education, & Prof. Physics 

Ingrida Berkis, Collegial Secy, and 

Foundations Editor 

Suzan Harrison, Asst. Prof. Rhetoric 

Valerie Kent, Adjunct, Writing 

Antonia Lewandowski, Adjunct, Writing 

George Meese, Director, Writing Excellence 

Program & Assoc. Prof. Rhetoric 

Jan Ross, Adjunct, Writing 

Summer Turner, Tutor, Writing 


David Parrish, M.D., Director 

Richard Oldenski, M.D., Supervisor 

Barbara Ely, R.N., Director, Nursing 


Connie Bowden, R.N., Weekend Nurse 

Deborali Kenneda, R.N. 

William Pyle, Director 
Jay Jamrog, Dir. of Environmental 

Barbara Bostian, Managing Editor & Coord, 
of Domestic Research 
Maria Giangrasso, Coord, of International 

Milburn Lane, Operations Manager 
Kathy Cooper, Bookkeeper 


Sheila Johnston, Director 
Cathleen Schneider, Asst. 
Anne Rhor, Asst. 

Chuck Keener 


Carolyn Johnston, Collegial Chair & Prof. 

American Studies 

Shirley Davis, Collegial Secy. 

Andrew K.M. Adam, Asst. Prof. Religious 


Jewel Spears Brooker, Prof. Literature 

David Bryant, Asst. Prof. Religious Studies 

Stanley Chesnut, Prof. Emeritus 

Humanities & Religion 

Julienne Empric, Prof. Literature 

Bruce Foltz, Asst. Prof. Philosophy 

Judith Green, Asst. Prof. Philosophy 

Patricia Handy, Asst. Prof. Literature — 


Suzan Harrison, Asst. Prof. Rhetoric 

Keith Irwin, Prof. Emeritus Philosophy 

Olivia Mclntyre, Asst. Prof. History 

William McKee, Prof. History 

George Meese, Assoc. Prof. Rhetoric, 

Director Writing Excellence Program 

Gregory Padgett, Visiting Asst. Prof. 


Peter Pav, Prof. Philosophy 

Robert Wigton, Asst. Prof. Political Science 

John Brown, Adjunct, Literature 

Blanche Radford-Curry, Adjunct, 


William Thomason, Adjunct, Classics — 










■ i 



Name: Olivia H. Mclntyre 

Title: Assistant Professor of History 

Collegium: Letters/ History 

How long have you been at Eckerd? 
This is my 7th year. 

Where did you go to school? 
Louisiana State University (B.A.) 
Stanford University (M.A., Ph.D.) 


Movie: Patton 

Actor: Kevin Costner 

Actress: Glenn Close 

Food: curries (Thai, Indian, Indonesian) 

Color; teal blue 

Book: The Leopard 

Spouse/Children: None 

What do you like most about Eckerd? 

The people (colleagues and students) and the 


Name: Ken Koeton 

Title: Chair of Comparative Cultures 

Department: German 

How long have you been at Eckerd? 
30 years 

Where did you go to school? 
Georgetown University of Kentucky, 
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 


Movie: The Pink Panther series 

Actor: Paul Newman 

Actress: Meryl Streep 

Food: strawberry shortcake 

Color: blue 

Book: Kafka short stories 

Spouse/Children: Deborah, Scott, and 

What do you like most about Eckerd? 

We are all one family that loves, works and 

plays hard. 

What's your funniest Eckerd experience? 
1) Marching around campus with Western 
Herritage students pretending we were a train 
engine; and 2) lip syncing a Beatles' song 
with Beatle wigs with a faculty quartet. 


Larry Hardesty, Director Library Services & 

Assoc. Prof. 

Myrtle Coursin, Asst. to Collection 

Management Coord. 

Jamie Hastreiter, Technical 

Services/Serials Coord. & Assoc. Prof. 

David Henderson, Instructional 

Services/ Collection Management Coord. & 

Assoc. Prof. 

Kathryn Johnston, Instructional Services & 

Asst. Prof. 

Catherine McCoy, Acquisitions Asst. — 

Technical Services 

Susan Obrebski, Cataloging Asst. 

Sarah Peaden, Serials Asst. 

Minette Wiederhold, Archivist 


Brenda Rogers, Supervisor 

Kenneth Bradt, LDP 

Richard R. Bredenberg, Director of LDP, 
Prof. Emeritus Education 
Margaret Cooley, Director of New 

Regina Pheil, Testing & Computer 
Applications Specialist 
Nancy Pridgen, Coord. Training and 
Eric Setterlind, Conference Support 

John Reynolds, Collegial Chair & Prof. 
Biology and Marine Science 
Roberta Dimouro, Collegial Secy. 
Wilbur Block, Prof. Physics 
Harry Ellis, Prof. Physics, Chair, 
Foundations Collegium, & Assoc. Dean for 
General Education 

John Ferguson, Prof. Biology and Marine 

Mark Fishman, Asst. Prof. Computer 

Irving Foster, Prof. Emeritus Physics, PEL 

Edmund Gallizzi, Assoc. Prof. Computer 

David Grove, Asst. Prof. Chemistry 
Sheila Hanes, Assoc. Prof. Biology 
Hugh Hickman, Visiting Asst. Prof. 
Computer Sciences 

Reggie Hudson, Assoc. Prof. Chemistry 
David Jennings, Prof. Physical 
Oceanography (Year Leave) 
Gerald Junevicus, Asst. Prof. Mathematics 
David Kerr, Asst. Prof. Mathematics 
Sarah Kruse, Asst. Prof. Physics 

George Lofquist, Prof. Mathematics 

Billy Maddox, Prof. Mathematics 

Peter Meylan, Visiting Asst. Prof. Biology 

Richard Neithamer, Prof. Chemistry 

Richard Rhodes, Visiting Prof. Physics 

William Roess, Prof. Biology 

William Sayre, Assoc. Prof. Marine Geology 

Alan Soli, Assoc. Prof. Chemistry 

William Szelistowski, Asst. Prof. Biology 

Walter Walker, Assoc. Prof. Mathematics 

Karen Lucibello, Chemistry Lab Supervisor 

Alice Monroe, Biology Lab Supervisor 

James Myers, Shop Supervisor 

Gregg R. Brooks, Adjunct, Marine Science 

Thomas Juster, Adjunct, Mathematics 

John King, Manager 


Frank Hill, Payroll Specialist 


Joanne DiBlasio, Director 
Belinda Bell, Admin. Asst. 


James Harley, Director, Athletics & Prof. 
Physical Education 

Jim DiNobile, Head Soccer and Softball 

Richard Folkers, Asst. Baseball Coach 
Wes Koenig, Head Coach, Cross Country 
Ralph Magno, Asst. Baseball Coach 
William Mathews, Interim Baseball Coach 
Larry Moore, Office Manager 
Robert Nichols, Women's Basketball Coach 
and Co-Coord. Women's Athletics 
Nancy Roby, Volleyball Coach and Co- 
Coord. Women's Athletics 
Tom Ryan, Asst. Athletic Director and 
Gym Manager 

William Thornton, Sports Information 

Tom Meiners, Director 
Sheila Capdevielle, Admin. Coord. 
Wayne Cox, Building Maintenance 

Tom Gourlay, HVAC Supervisor 
Chuck Lyman, Grounds Supervisor, WFF 
and Assoc. 

Ed Mann, Chief of Safety and Security 
Phil Ponnath, Manager, WFF and Assoc. 
Brenda Rogers, Supervisor, Mail Room 
John White, CJtilities Supervisor 
Shirley Wiltrout, Telephone Servies 

Name: Betty Simpson 

Title: Executive Secretary 

Department: Development 

How long have you been at Eckerd? 
17 years 

Where did you go to school? 
Oberlin College 


Movie: The Deer Hunter 

Actor: Robert Duval 

Actress: Susan Sarandan 

Food: Mexican 

Color: red 

Book: The Moviegoer 

Spouse/Children: Daughter Linda, sons Greg 
and Jim, and grandchildren 
Kristin and Nicholas 

What do you like most about Eckerd? 
On the whole, most staff members (and 
faculty as well) are genuinely kind and caring 

Name: Howard Carter 

Title: Professor, Comparative Literature and 

Collegium: Creative Arts 

How long have you been at Eckerd? 
A student in 1960-61, 1965 
Faculty since 1971 

Where did you go to school? 
Florida Presbyterian College 
University of Chicago (B.A.) 
Gniversity of Iowa (M.A., M.A., Ph.D.) 


Movie: Blade Runner 

Actor: Michael Caine 

Actress: Michelle Pfelffer 

Food: anything Italian 

Color: whatever my love is wearing 

Book: the one I'm reading at the moment 

Spouse/Children: Spouse — Nancy Corson 
Carter, EC Prof. 
Child — Rebecca Alice 

What do you like most about Eckerd? 
Freedom to work with imaginative students 
and fellow professors. 

What's your funniest Eckerd experience? 
Driving over speed bumps/platforms. 


Peter Armacost, President 

Joan Fry, V.P. for Public Relations and Exec. 

Asst. to President 
Gwendoline Hawcutt, Admin. Asst. and Exec. 

Secy, to President 
Patricia deFreese, Receptionist & 




PEL, St. Petersburg 

Stella Andersen, Asst. Registrar, PEL 
James Annarelli, Coord, of Directed & 

Independent Studies, PEL 
Dana Cozad, Director, PEL 
Carolyn Dawson, PEL, Secy. 
Diane Ferris, PEL, Student Services 
Patricia Handy, Asst. Prof. Literature 
Patricia Jacono, PEL Bookkeeper 
Jane Lawler, Admissions Counselor 
Elizabeth Morgan, PEL, Secy. 
Leo Nussbaum, PEL-ASPEC Project 

Jane Shaw, PEL, Secy. 
Linda Swindall, PEL Special Projects 

Coord. & Adjunct 
Betty Zandi, Counselor, Adviser, & Adjunct 
PEL, North Pinellas Center 
Greg Bachmann, Counselor, Adviser, & 

Adjunct, PEL 
Rachel Gendron, Secy. 
Lucille Peterson, Center Coord. 
PEL, Sarasota Center 
Lora Bentley, PEL, Secy. 
Helen Meyer, Center Coord. 


Joan Fry, V.P. for Public Relations & Exec. 

Asst. to President 
Patricia Baldwin, Director of Media 

Cecilia Green, Secy. & Office Manager 
Kathryn Rawson, Asst. to V.P. for Public 

Dennis Sercombe, Director of Publications 
Kathleen Webster, Computer Graphics & 

Design Coord. 

Russell Kennedy, Registrar 
Amy Forney, Asst. Registrar 
Louis Alarcon, Asst. to Registrar 
Ellen Walters, Asst. to Registrar 


Richard Frysinger (Major), Asst. Prof. 
Military Science 


James Deegan, Dean of Special Programs 

Cathy Brown, Admin. Asst. 

Linda Johnston, Director of Mari<eting 
Regina Pheil, Testing & Computer 
Applications Specialist 

Angle Noronow 


Roger Sorochty, V.P. for Student Affiars & 

Dean of Students 
Jerry Oalmann, Exec. Secy, to Dean 
Lillie Collins, Director, International & 

Minority Students Affairs 
Wayne Harwell, Director of Residential Life 
Barry McDowell, Director, Campus 

Christopher Roby, Recreation Coordinator 
Nina Wilmot, Secy., Housing 
Shari Miller, ELS Housing Coordinator 

Linda Branam 

Cheryl Gold, Director, Conferences & 

Summer School 
Bobbi Lane, Coord, for Conferences & 

Summer School 
Jackie Mallory, Conference Coord. 

Kathryn Watson, Director 

Shirley Wiltrout, Supervisor 

Richard Rice 


Bill Covert, Director & Assoc. Dean of 

Renee Petrassi, Asst. Director Waterfront 

Max Bricka, Development Asst. /Instructor 
Russel Clifford, Waterskiing Coach 
Jennifer Neckers, Activities 

Coord. /Instructor 
William Schmidt, Facilities 

Supervisor/ Instructor 
Kirsten Snellenburg, Sailing and 

Boardsailing Coach 

George Meese, Director 
Suzan Harrison, Prof, of Rhetoric 
Valerie Kent, Adjunct, Writing 
Antonia Lewandowski, Adjunct, Writing 
Jan Ross, Adjunct, Writing 
Summer Turner, Tutor, Writing 

Name: Margaret W. Morris 

Title: Director of Financial Aid 

Department: Financial Aid 

How long have you been at Eckerd? 
1 1 years 

Where did you go to school? 
Wake Forest University 


Movie: Turning Point 
Actor: Dustin Hoffman 
Actress: Joanne Woodward 
Food: stuffed flounder 
Color: red 
Book: Tender Is The Night 

The community members care about the col- 
lege and each other. 

What's your funniest Eckerd experience? 
The staff competing with the students in relays 
and tug-of-war. 


So much to do in so little time . . look at how much 
we have done. Whether we found a place in ECOS, or the 
Trib, played baseball, or played a violin, there never 
seemed to be a shortage of activities to keep us busy. 
And when you look back, it never seemed like we had a 
shortage of time to give. Many of our classmates found 
ways of giving through tutoring at Maximo Elementary, or 
contributing to Meals on Wheels. 

Regardless of our individual interests everyone on 
campus has taken the time to reflect. Students could 
often be seen walking along the seawall in the rain, or 
sitting on the swing in the sunset. As you look at the 
pages ahead, reflect back upon the things you've done. 
Then recall everything you've ever wanted to do, and 
remember, you still have pieces left to discover and the 
picture created is yours. 


Water Sports 

Eckerd's water sports program are not 
only blessed with a prime location and a 
beautiful climate, but with abundant 
talent as well. Eckerd fields strong teams 
in waterski, sailing, and boardsailing, 
which are supported by a complete 
waterfront facility. 

Both the sailing team and the 
boardsailing team are coached by Kristen 
Snellenburg. Under her guidance, the 
teams put forth outstanding efforts, 
including a big win by the women's 
sailing team at the Saisa Championships 
in Charleston. The Triton teams competed 
in races all over the east coast and 
hosted the 1990 Saisa Fall Dinghy 
championships in November. 

The waterski team experienced 
tremendous success, as usual, this year 
under coach Russ Clifford. Not only did 
both the men's and women's teams place 
high in nearly every competition, but 
many of the skiers showed great 
individual improvements, setting new 
personal records during the year. The 
teams were led by outstanding 
performances from Zack Meyers and Kim 
Rice. The women's team took overall 
honors at the GWF/FSU Open, and both 
teams place well at the team trials in 
individual and slolam at McCormick Ski 
School in the fall. 

Men's Soccei 

The Triton soccer team entered the 1990 fall season with hope 
and optimism and a host of new faces. Eckerd fielded a team 
made up of 15 freshmen and eight sophomores, with only three 
juniors and one senior. Although the team couldn't translate it's 
effort into many wins, every game was competitive and the 
young Tritons showed great improvement as the season wore on. 

Senior Mike Corbisero and Luis Casas were among the team 
leaders in scoring for the season. Goalie Mike Paulsmeyer started 
nearly every game in the net for the Tritons and earned a shutout 

Women's Soccer 

Despite not being an actual 
collegiate "team", the Eckerd 
College/St. Petersburg Strikers, 
formed in 1989, opened a new door 
for women athletes on campus. The 
team competed in the Florida 
Suncoast Soccer League, a very 
competitive adult soccer league. The 
strikers were the only college based 
team to compete in the league this 

The Strikers, guided by co-coaches 
Sean Blair and Laura Wilson, began 
their season in the fall of 1990 and 
continued into the spring. Freshmen 
made up a large part of the team 
this past season, including standout 
players such as Gayle Google, Danny 
Springer, and Audra McCammon. 
Mia Zinsner, Alex Goicgoechea, and 
Laura Wilson (who both coached and 
played) also turned in notable 
performances over the season. 


i "• 



Women's Soccer 

Women's Volleyball 

Women's Volleyball 

The Triton women's volleyball team 
took to the courts for the 1990 season 
behind head coach Nancy Roby. The 
team fought hard in a division full of 
great teams and tough competition. They 
bumped, spiked, and set their way to 
some big victories. 

The teams was led by an inspiring 
effort from Sherry Howell, who lead the 
team in statistics involving attacks/kills. 
Becky Burke was a great all around 
contributor for the team. Senior Marya 
Willis had a terrific come back season 
after sitting out her junior year. Pamela 
Vendeven had the highest percentage of 
service aces for the team. Jennifer 
Crowson, replacing an injured teammate, 
came in midseason and took control in 
the center position spot. 

Coach Roby feels that the young team, 
which included three freshman and six 
sophomores, made a great deal of 
progress over the season and is looking 
towards next fall for even greater 

Women's Softball 

The Triton women's softball teann 
took to the field in the spring under the 
leadership of coach Jim DilNoble. The 
team finished it's 35 game season with 
a 13-22 record, 618 in the Sunshine 
State Conference. 

The team was lead by Sherry Howell, 
who had 13 home runs and 41 RBI's. 
Sherry batted .500 on the season and 
scored 33 runs. Other players worth 
noting include Coy Miller, who led the 
team with 34 runs scored, and Michelle 
Lemons, who yielded only two errors in 
122 fielding chances and had 31 base 
hits. Becky Burke pitched in six wins 



Coach Tim Martin and the 
Triton Golf team traveled 
throughout Florida, and on 
some occasions outside of 
Florida, competing in 
tournaments from late fall 
through the spring semester 
in 1990, The team, led by 
top players Thad Kootnz and 

Vince Cherrix, competed in 
matches in from Orlando, 
Florida to Valdozda, Georgia. 

Also representing Eckerd 
on the greens were Brad 
Orlosky, Dave Roberts, Mike 
Houdanick, Dennis Harting, 
Ian McCarthy, and John 


For the second time in his two 
years at Eckerd, tennis coach Scott 
Dei guided the team to second place 
in the conference. Eckerd defeated 
every team in the conference except 
first place Rollins, although the team 
earned individual victories over 
Rollins players for the first time ever. 
The Triton team also scored big 
victories over division one opponents 
such as University of Pittsburgh and 
University of North Carolina in 

Eckerd's Mike Ouger lead the 
team with outstanding play, 
qualifying for the nationals for the 
third straight year! 

Cross Country 

The women's cross country team mastered their opponents, 
turning first place to commonplace under the guidance of 
coach Peter Eagleson. 

The success of the Triton team was the product of an 
entire team effort. Great performances were turned in by 
Diane Ellsworth, Amy Brown, Nicole McCutchan, Suzy 
Fernandez, and Kim Fagen, who broke the course record at 
the Conference Championships hosted by Eckerd in October. 

The men's cross country team went the distance under the 
leadership of coach Wes Koenig, finishing strong in all their 
races, including a very close second place in the Conference 
Championships at Eckerd. 

The Triton men's team was lead by outstanding performances from Scott Bransford, who 
finished strongest for the team in all of it's early fall races, Jeff Glade, and Nick James. John 
Siggins, Andrew Conklin, Sim Ripley, and Adam Garson also put forward impressive efforts 
for Eckerd. 



Men's Baseball 

Men's Baseball 

The end of the spring 1990 
b.iseball season signaled the end of 
an era for the Eckerd Triton baseball 
team. Coach Bill Mayotte resigned 
after thirteen years of service at 
Eckerd, moving on to a head 
coaching position at Troy State. 

Mayotte led to Tritons to laudable 
31-21 mark in his final season, 
although the team missed the 
playoffs. The 1990 team was led by 
strong performances by Ron Watson, 
who lead the team in both batting 
average and poer stats, and Bill 
Morris, regarded by most as the 
team's top all around player. Both 
Bill and Ron moved on to pursue 
their dreams in professional 

The Tritons also benefited from 
strong pitching from Jim Mecir, 
Scott Brodkorb and Jamie Holloway. 



Women's Basketball 

Women's Basketball 

The 1990-91 Women Basketbaii 
team entered the season with 
excitement and optimism as they 
were joined by seven new players. 
The 1989-90 team won 9 games 
against 15 losses. The team went 4-8 
in conference play for a 6th place 
finish in the Sunshine State 

The 1989-90 team was lead by 
Kelly Moore, who averaged 12.6 
points per game and 6.3 rebounds 
per game. Kelly was also a team 
leader with 47 rebounds on the 
season. Michelle Lemons averaged 
13.3 points per game and shot .742 
from the free throw line. Becky Rios 
shot a 53% field goal advantage. 
Cindy Smith, Jennie O'Flanagan, and 
Angie Wood also returned for the 
1990-91 season. 

Men's Basketball 

Men's Basketball 

The Triton men's basketball team 
had to change it's offensive style for 
j^ the 1990-91 season after losing the 
two highest scorers on the 1989-90 

n 1989-90, the Triton's earned a 
19-8 record, good for the third place 
tie in the Sunshine State Conference, 
behind the leadership of Duane 
Perry, who became Eckerd's highest 
career scorer during the season, and 
John Mueller, the teams second 
highest scorer. The team was carried 
by strong contributions from Leron 
Howard, Pat Diggs, and Mark Lewis 
as wel 




ECOS Officers 

Jeff Allen 

Heather Dewar 

Kathy Ericson 

Director Of Academic 


Jason Palmateer 
Director Of Finance 

African American Society (AAS) 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Dortrecia Moore, Daphney Gaylord, ShaLonda Perry, Joy Bryan, 
Serge Philips, Leron Howard II, Endor Richardson, Brian Macon, and Rolando Tobias 


PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Vasi Passinos, Angle Hutchison, Nan Reineman, Dan Perrod '86, 
Tim Melnke '85, Joe Oglesby '74, Teppel Namiuchi, Russell Bailey '68, Laura Ashby. and Tymothy Cox '86 

Anthropological Society 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Ria Chiampi, Sara Stewart, Angela Matusik, Babette Collins, 
Maja Gujer, Liz Testa, John Whitaker, Doug Fry, Vicky Baker, and Bob Joyce 

Association For Computing Machinery (ACM) 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Quinton Zonderuan, Jonathan Altfeld, Adrian Blidar, Daniel 
Jeffre, Ed Gallizzi, and Thomas Miller 

EC Cheerleaders 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Kelli Hammer, Jennifer Walder, Cathy Murname, Dawn Klinger, 
Robin Payne, Brandee Kimes, Dee Dee Smith, Kelly Logan, Pia Ashworth, and Laurie Luckinbill 

EC Dive Club 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Heather Crawford, Beth Rhamey, Patti 
Crist, George Rodney, Christopher Reich, Mark Davies, and Webster Peirce 

Boland, Eric Seiber. Greg 

EC Democrats 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Kara Richter, Thomas Higdon, Kelsey Jordahl, Kathryn 
Fenderson, Happy Olmstead 



PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Cricket Large, Julie Stevenson, Frank Westpfahl, Rodge Nobel, 
Greta Setterlind, Julia Welch, Angel Weller, Brendan Callahan, John Jachrime, Lizard, Chris Holland, Youssef Ghafari, 
Chris Niemann, Scott Hamilton, Bruce Rosenberg, Tim Martin 

International Business Club 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK; James Wood, Kerry Connard, Jennifer Kiellach, Cassandra Mayo, 
Kathryn Fenderson, Sandra Wienecke, Erin Ensign, Marion Gavin, Winnie Wilson, Denise Dent, Kelly Flynn, Christiana 
Dawson, Christina Mein, Gte Feiten, Jennifer Leue, Amy Fenaughty, Liz Sladek, Scott Hingly 

International Student Association 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FROMT TO BACK: Mary Varela, Becky Smith, Joy Bryan, Jennifer Miller, Rolando 
Tobias, Nada Soussou, Tina Rivera, Michelle Viader, Winnie Wilson, Gabriela Catalano, Christiana Dawson, Tom 
Grinovich, Kelly Flynn, Juan Consuegra, Daphney Gaylord, Christina Mein, Marion Gavin, Suzanne LaMore, Carole 
Zarrella, Liz Sladek, Amy Fenaughty, ShaLonda Perry, Tamur Naseer, Serge Philips, Jennifer Leue, Dortrecia Moore, 
Patrick Wagner, Kara Richter, Laura Lorge 

Jordan Park Community Center Volunteers 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK; John Buhrmann, Mike Loparco, Simon Mijs, Sara Stewart, Happy 
Olmstead, Christina Munch, Thomas W. Miller, Brian Schneider, Major Mittendorf 

Model United Nations 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Ishtar Guven, Kate Colussy, Colleen Brennan, Julia Welch, Laura 
Prentice, Melanie Green, Anastasia Weierbach, Kari Qibbs, Gabe Stephens, Jason Palmateer 

Triton Tribune 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Nick Welch, Colleen Brennan, Robert LoBello, J. Todd 
Montgomery, Julia Welsh, Sean Cleary, Babette Collins, Matthew Stamen, Christa Calamas 


PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Christiana Dawson, Cassandra Voight, Jennifer Kiellach, Katy 
Choomack, Kristin Davis, Laura Lorge, Beth Mains, Amy Cooperman 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Beth Rogers, Susan Moss, Liz Sentz, Tarra Gaines 

PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT TO BACK: Philip Hoffman, Jason Schneider, Michele Sainsbury, Nicole Hord 



Sandwiches & Salads 


our name is 

our commitment 

to quolily 



n « m 1 1 n » » t » * » i 1 1 1 1 » " " » " " " » " » " " »^^ 



PI 2 2 Z^ 

OCKiMM. R/xjnD PiZ'zA 

Just Say... 

Try One of Hungry Howie's FREE Flavored Pizza Crust 

• Original • Butter • Buttercheese • Garlic 

• Poppy Seed • Sesame • i?ye • Cajun 

"We Deliver' 


4275 34th Street South 
In the Maximo Plaza 

St. Petersburg 


on your degree, 


We're so proud of you. 

God bless you always. 

Mom and Dad 






^W^r ^^neat Tfea/t^ 
Tfta^ & T><zd 

Well done Di! 



Love, Mom & Dad, and all in Durham! 


The Sprigg Boys 
Jimmy and Dean 


TH^ tAc ^oW ^&nd ^£€^y^ €UtcC ^eefi^ tf&cc 


Dear Kate, 

From your first grade naps 
to your college dreams — 
we have been proud of 
you all the way. 


Mom and Dad 

Timothy J. Mollis 

apeel<zi — C*t tAc wa^ tfon cane cid<Mt cfoun. ^4H*U£^, cfoun. 
70 e ia<Ae efou eutcC <ine fru^ud »^ t^ ^Cnd <^ per4/M, cfou 


7^»w„ Z>ad, & ^an^ 






0- ^^ 




LOCAL (813) 522-6619 
FL 1-800-282-4465 
FAX (813) 521-2990 

4773 58th AVENUE NORTH 


TfU^ /t^ Z><xd 



Congratulations, Michael! 

May all your presents be 

as precious as the ones 

you have given to us. 


Mom and Dad 

^^a4^ <^ '90 

God has blessed us with the joy of having you 
these past 20 years. You have been a light in our 
lives. Now go forth and let your light shine 
radiently. May god bless and help you that your 
lives may count for time and eternity. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

P.S. Congratulations from the Reeds, the Webbs and 
the Comellos "to our first graduates" 


'^au eine cuuftAi*t^ &*U "^ettenic." 
A^yfie cfoun, future i4. A^i€cla£ t<xo^f ^ou've 

TH-Mt. Z><td, <z*td T>ee 

Good luck at Eckerd, 


Mom, Dad, 

Matthew and Peaches 

We're proud of you, Anne! 

Mom & Dad 

— Amy — 


Mom, Dad, John, Bob, 

Carol, and Joey 

You've come a long way, 


We're so proud of you! 

Heather Lee's 
Mom & Dad 



Congratulations and Good Luck 

Love, Mom, Dad, Kristy, & Julie 

Guess which Jennifer! 
(Class of 1994) 


May your graduation 
be just the beginning 

of a future filled 
with succcess and joy. 

Rich's Pawn Shop 

1105 34th Street South 

St. Petersburg, FL 33711 

May your plans work 


and your dreams come 


in just the way 

you want them tol 

Best Wishes, 

Yogurt & More 

5505 34th Street South 

St. Petersburg, FL 



(^>a^ ^cccA ^fKMt 

























The world smiles with you — 

Our Love, 
Mom & Dad 



We are proud of you! 
We love you! 

Joseph, Thomas, Kevin, 

Mary Beth, 
Ronald, Arielle, & Mom 


Best of Luck, Kelli! 

Love, Mom & Dad 

10 e ^^ive cvateAceC cfou 

pe«fo£c, tntctA euuC 

tfou ^ eoKini^ute Co. t^ 
tetvan^ <x^ a food C^e. 

SuU ei4. cute aa. euen.. Sta^ Aa/t^. "^cuac 

>X '' ^^. Vi^ 



Elanna Aeschbach 

Aquiles Ascencios 

Mr. and Mrs. J.N. Cahill 

Cdr. and Mrs. John S. Calhoun 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Coviello 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel DeSantis 

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Ellis 

Colleen and Brian Gartland 

Mr. & Ms. W.H. Grosser 

Jane B. Harris 

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Ragan 

Bonnie and James Hollis 

Mike and Ann Hudanick 

Clifford F. Hulsart 

Dorothy and Joseph Kaposztas 

Ralph & Joyce Linna 

Mr. and Mrs. R.F. McMahan, Jr. 

Aristelia F. Sowa 

Mr. & Mrs. Alberto Perez 

Lyle & Sharon Reimann 

Harry Sauer 

Hugh and Patricia Smith 

Sandy Sprigg 

Ralph & Shirley Thurmond 

Darwin and Judy Waggoner 





Helping People Piece It Together 

Men and women mill about the 
courtyard at the academic quad. 
Not very unusual except that they 
are all over twenty-five years old, 
and it is 8:45 PM. These are students 
in the Program for Experienced 
Learners (PEL), and they are on a 
much deserved break. With classes 
running from 5:30-10:30, any kind of 
break is good to let their minds take 
a second to try and store some of 
the vast amounts of information 
thrown at them. Class is five hours 
long because it only meets once a 
week for the usual eight week se- 

The classes are the same as those 
for the daytime Eckerd students; 
sometimes the same teacher will 
even teach it. Western Heritage is 
not a requirement for the program, 
but all PEL students have to take 
their own introductory course called 
Life, Learning, and Vocation. This 
course takes the student's life expe- 
riences and helps to map out a spe- 

cific education program to obtain a 
baccalaureate degree. This is espe- 
cially important because students 
can earn in-class credit for out-of 
class experiences such as work ex- 
perience, community activities and 
professional seminars. 

Founded in the late seventies, 
PEL has grown to a current enroll- 
ment of over 1000. Many PEL stu- 
dents already have college credit, 
they just never finished their de- 
grees; however, it does happen that 
someone comes into PEL and does 
the whole degree through the pro- 
gram. The diversity of the student's 
backgrounds is an added plus to the 
learning experience. As one student 
said, "When something gets brought 
up in discussion, you look around 
and realize that there are ten more 
teachers in the class. Everyone has 
had different experiences and can 
share them to illustrate important 
points." That is what Eckerd is all 

S2fi&iL [K 


The Puzzle Is Never Fully Complete 

Academy of Senior Professionals at 
Eckerd College or ASPEC is a special 
program organized by President 
Armacost eight years ago. It is a 
program in which students are able to 
associate with retired and semi-retired 
high achieving men and women. It 
provides the students with the 
opportunities to enrich their lives. 
ASPEC also provides students with 
the chance to associate with retired 
professionals in their areas of 
interest, in a relaxed setting. The 
program offers the retired and semi- 
retired professionals the chance to 
share their hard earned knowledge 
and wisdom with the students of 
Eckerd College as the students 
prepare for their futures in the 
leading of this country. The ASPEC 
members are provided with the 
opportunities to share their 
knowledge in class room settings and 
through special programs and 
discussions held out in Lewis House. 

Due to the uniqueness of this 
program, Eckerd College has received 
national recognition. U.S. News & 
World Report referred to Eckerd as 
one of the nations most innovative 
colleges. This past year ASPEC has 
added the famous author James 
Mitchener as a member. 


ELS is a special program designed 
to teach foreign students English. 
They come to America to study our 
language for six hours every day, five 
days a week. They study in one of ten 
different levels of English 
proficiencies. The program is a 
continuous cycle, with new students 
arriving every four weeks. The 
students take a placement test to 
determine their entry level, and then 
remain within that level until they 
master it. Some come for a specified 
amount of time while others stay until 
they master the language. 

In order for a student to participate 
in this course they must fill out an 
application and be able to provide 
adequate means of financial support. 
Some provide their own financial 
packages while others may be 
sponsored by companies they work 
for or by other means. They are 
provided with information on one of 

the twenty-one schools in this country 
that participate in the program. They 
then obtain their student visa and 
come to study English in the month 
they have chosen. The program runs 
continuously all year round. 

The ELS program has been at 
Eckerd since 1976. On average, 180 
students came to Eckerd every month 
for the 1990-1991 academic year. 
They lived on-campus in Gershwin or 
off-campus in apartments or with host 

ELS is a special program for foreign 
students, but it is also a special 
program for those American students 
who are here for a liberal arts 
education. We have the opportunity to 
meet and associate with a students 
from other countries. We are able to 
broaden our understanding of the 
world through interactions with 
people from other cultures. 



God, Fun, 



Singing? Slide shows? Whistling contests? This does not sound much like 
church. Welcome to Mid-Week Chapel. Eckerd is an unusual college and has an 
unusual campus ministry program. Chaplain Fitz Conner described Mid-Week as, 
"worship with interaction and music. (It is) thoughtful in a context that is fun and 
relaxing." Conner and the Assistant Chaplain Ian Stake lead the students in 
singing and discussions. Also people were encouraged to share experiences of 
things that they had done that had strengthened their faith. For instance, one 
girl came to Chapel and presented slides on her trip to Poland. 

Sunday services strove to be nondenominational so that Catholics as well as 
different Protestant groups felt comfortable. This year saw the readmittance of 
communion in service, and Eckerd even celebrated World Communion Sunday 
(October 7) with Christians around the world . But campus ministry was not just 
about worship. It was about getting students involved in their own little 
community and the greater Saint Petersburg community. In conjunction with the 
Student Activities and Career Services departments, Campus Ministry started a 
program in Student Community Services (SCS). Students could help tutor local 
area kids, coordinate athletic or artistic contests for them, or even get training to 
help with youth ministry in churches around the area. Working with migrant 
farmers at Beth-El, Whitehall Nursing Home, the Free Clinic, Big Brother/Big 
Sister, Special Olympics, Meals on Wheels, and Habitat for Humanity were all 
possible ways for students to make a difference. 

Because of its affiliation with the Presbyterian Church, Eckerd took its Campus 
Ministry very seriously, but that did not mean it was not fiin. 




i^Hi i! 


Looking back and wondering, 
"When will 1 reach my goal? 
Where will 1 find the pieces. 
That make my puzzle whole?" 

But answers still elude us 
As we are pursued by fear. 
You believe you calmed the chaos 
And suddenly, solutions disappear. 

So carefully we keep our jagged edges. 
Caressing each niche and groove. 
Building our own image 
Which only loved ones' hands can smooth. 



Throughout ail of the fun-filled, 
often puzzling times, we have 
Finally learned where the solutions 
are. We did not find them in 
Western Heritage, or at Kon-Tiki, 
or in each other. Instead slowly we 
figured out that our puzzle is not 
completed with a diploma, or a 
wedding band, or a corner office 
with a view. Our puzzle continues 
throughout all phases of our lives. 
And growing up is simply 
discovering that the answers are 
just far enough away to keep us 
reaching higher. 



^^^^^^^K ~ \ M 




^^^^^^K \ ,^3 




^^■l "^4ll 


f^ -1 




h^T^ ~^ iJM 






Reflections Staff 

Robert A. LoBello 

Jennifer Chambers 

Faculty and Staff Co-editor 

Sean Cleary 

Copy Editor 

Jennifer Faught 

Faculty and Staff Co-editor 

Melanie Green 

Dorm Editor 

Nicole Hord 
Campus Co-editor 

Stacey Moore 

Business Manager 

Tara O'Connor 

Clubs and Organizations Editor 

Denise Rudy 

Senior Editor 

Michele Sainsbury 
Campus Co-Editor 

Robyn Swaim 
Photography Editor 
Millie Werthwein 
Events Editor 
J. Nick Welch 
Sports Editor 

Contributing Staff 

Chris Arellano 
Sean Bird 
Laura Blasi 
Rocki Braun 
Colleen Brennan 

Babette Collins 
Heidi Duehmig 
Christy Kaposetas 
J. Todd Montgomery 
Shannon Planck 

Matthew Staman 
Julie Titus 
Vesna Tratensek 
Scott Tytler 
Divina Ward 

Reflections 1991 is now complete. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people who helped 
make this book possible: my staff, Jostens Representative Sandy Boone, the guys at Bryn Alan, Barry 
McDowell, the Finance Committee, E.C.O.S., Public Relations, the Triton Tribune, Student Affairs (especially 
Nina), Lisa, Laura, Sean, Babette, Denise, and Hope &■ Sal. Thank Youl